Why don’t more lead generation companies specialise in organic Lead Generation?

Organic SEO Leads
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Why don’t more lead generation companies specialise in organic Lead Generation?

Having worked in Lead generation for nearly 20 years, it has always baffled me why more lead generation companies don’t invest the time and resource into creating digital assets to increase organic lead generation.

Over the years, I have proposed an organic lead generation strategy to numerous companies I have worked for, and each time it was met with the same responses.

– SEO takes too long; we need results now

– The lead generation campaigns we run are campaign-specific (i.e. we need to collect XYZ amount of leads over a set time, and then the campaign is complete)

– We don’t have the resources internally to make this work

– We would have to build a new site for every new campaign

There are many more, and at the time they all seemed like a valid response.

However, since starting RMM Digital getting an organic lead system up and running is something that we have been investigating and actively researching further. I’m pleased to say in the coming months ours is going to be up and running.

Is it going to replace the paid lead generation campaigns we are currently running, no.  

Is it going to complement our paid lead generation campaigns, yes.

So how is this going to work?

Our ghostwriters are already beavering away, and our SEO team are actively planning the release of our site(s).

We have coupled our lead generation technology (quiz and chat) with our organic lead generation articles, meaning we can still profile consumers and distribute them to our clients based on the answers provided.

The main difference?

All the leads we generate will be consumers who have actively searched a topic, who have read one of our articles and who have actively consented to be contacted.

This process shows incredibly high intent, and we are incredibly excited to work with all our clients to grow this section of our business further.

If you want more details about the organic leads we generate, drop us an email or a call.

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