Lead Generation through a Chatbot

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Lead generation comes in many shapes and sizes but imagine for one moment that you can generate a lead via an external website or your website using a chatbot.

Imagine that the lead has engaged with you, or your chatbot avatar and has answered lots of questions with each question enabling you to build a profile of this consumer or business lead.

Imagine the intent this person has shown to engage with your chatbot, answering the questions and then provided positive consent for you to call them.

No compare the above with a consumer or business that has just signed up using a bog-standard form on your site…..which lead do you think is going to have the highest conversion rate?

Yep….the chabot lead.

Now, the above sounds simple, and in theory, it is, however, several pitfalls need to be taken into consideration.

1 – How do chatbots work

2 – Chatbot lead generation

3 – How do I integrate the chatbot with my site

4 – How do I know what questions will work

1 – How do chatbots work

‘Lead generation bots are chatbots (AI NLP bots or rule-based bots) that are designed to identify potential customers, initiate their interest in products or services offered by the business and/or cultivate the relationship with the prospect.’ 

Source – Google.

Chatbots are designed to look like you are talking with a real human. They are designed to mimic how a human would interact with a consumer who is showing intent into either buy or signup to a product/solution; they are intended to create a rapport between your company and the consumer before the consumers purchase or becomes a lead.

Consumers are very aware of chat systems they are popping up on all sites, but can you tell the difference between a bot and a human? 

Probably not…

Some interesting stats, 82% of consumers who had a chat with a support agent, are likely to place an order and live chats have the highest level of customer satisfaction rate, 92%.

2 – Chatbot lead generation 

Being intent is pivotal to any marketing campaign and generating leads is a vital part of any marketing mix. Generating leads can be easy, but generating leads that have shown intent and are ready to make a buying decision is hard.

This is where chatbot lead generation comes into the mix.  

From the outset, it’s worth noting that chatbot lead generation as a solution is more expensive, especially if you are buying the lead on a CPL and this is because the volume of consumers who drop off the chatbot system is higher than what you will see on a form.  

However, the leads that complete the chatbot process/funnel are hot to trot, and your conversion rates will go through the roof!

So how does this work?

Well, firstly, it’s about engagement!  

The chatbot is designed to engage the consumer through the lead generation process, you as asking them various questions, providing them with information about their needs or desires, how you can help them. 

Gaining trust in the chatbot and most importantly, the product and service you are offering is vital.

A highly engaged lead will provide you with their details, which is why it’s essential to engage the consumer, ask them questions and build a rapport with them.  

Never ask the consumer for the core-dems at the beginning of the chatbot, you will not get anybody through the pivotal questions. 

Once you have engaged the consumer, they feel comfortable in what you are offering, saying and advising you can then ask them for their details.

An example of how we start our chatbot engagement;

From our split testing and analysis, we found that asking the consumers name, either first or full name at the beginning and then making reference throughout the chat to the consumer in person, helps with engagement and lead conversions.

We also create an avatar for each lead generation campaign we are running; again, this builds more rapport with the consumer.

The use of emojis throughout the chat is also a proven way to increase engagement. Still, we are always conscious of the campaigns we are running; some might not appreciate emojis if the topic is sensitive, i.e. financial orientated.

3 – How do I integrate the chatbot with my site

RMM Digital offer two options for chatbot lead generation;

1 – We build the landing page and host the chatbot on our landing page

2 – We create the chatbot and provide you with the iFrame details enabling you to run the chatbot on your site.

It really couldn’t be easier!

4 – How do I know what questions will work / How can I monitor question performance

This is the million-dollar question and with everything marketing related, being able to split test is key to the success of a campaign and running a chatbot is no different.

We have split tested lots of different variations so have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t but being able to have multiples of each question is recommended and test them individually to see what decreases drop-off.

Drop-off is a crucial metric and something you should always analyse.  

A drop-off means how many people answered question A and then answered question B. 

If 100 people answered question A and then only 50 people answer question B, the drop-off on question B is 50%….which is huge! 

Split testing questions to see which question decreases the drop off is vital.  

One metric to always remember, you will always get a circa 50% drop-off when you ask for the telephone number, so the key is retaining as many people as possible with your other questions before you get to the telephone number.

Decreasing question drop-off is critical!

The secret to collecting leads through chatbots is engagement and understanding what questions are decreasing.  For more information about how we can collect engaged leads for you or use our chatbot tech on your site, contact us.

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