Lead Generation Campaign Hooks

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Marketing is all about hooks.

  • Why would the consumer use you?
  • What is going to entire the consumer to use your services?
  • What is the consumer going to get?

The list is endless and hooks come in all shapes and sizes. 

  • Ad hooks
  • Landing page H1 and H2
  • Quiz funnels
  • Email subject lines
  • Chatbot titles and first text

Almost every piece of marketing relies on a hook to get the consumer to the door and then through the door.

Hooks should be the core benefit of what you are selling or trying to achieve and there are some cracking example of swipe files that every marketer should have saved.

One that we use and regularly re-visit is a swipe file created in America but the titles can easily be replicated for a UK market;

Click here to see more Swipe file

Now, 80% of these we would never use, there are just to spammy, but 20% with slight modifications provide some fantastic ideas of what is going to make the consumer, first click, then action.

Remember, the main purpose of the hook is to get the consumer to take the first action.  I.e. open an email, click on the ad, open the chatbot etc

If your targeting is correct then the rest falls into place.

However, if your hook isn’t strong enough then your purchase lead price if you are using paid media will increase dramatically, even if you have your targeting and ad-sets on point…

We always find the best hooks start with;

  • If you
  • Are you
  • Do you
  • If your
  • How to

You are calling out the consumer who matches your target market with a solution to their problem.

Marketing is all about testing and more testing and when that test is complete run another. 

Creating multiples of each campaign, ads, landing pages, chatbots, quizzes and funnels all utilising different hooks and being able to test the conversions of each is key to the success of a lead generation campaign.

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